Professional Development Day
Mon, 12 Mar 2018

Leading into the Future …

We are here today working on our professional skills to become equipped

with the tools to help us create the leaders of the future!
You are here today because you represent the future; you are the hope for
SJS to continue making progress tangible for its students.
How can we remain effective teachers and keep on providing for highquality
education? It is basically by creating an equitable classroom where
teachers cater to the myriad of needs that today’s SJS students have.
There is a consensus among most recent education research that the
strongest variable that affects student performance in school is its school’s
staff performance. A research done by Seebruck in 2015 found that the
effects of teacher quality on student achievement are additive and
Student achievement at each grade was correlated positively with teacher
quality and the results showed that:

  •  An efficient teacher affected students for more than 2 years
  •  Individual students did not recover after a year under an ineffective teacher.

Creating an equitable classroom for students’ success is the goal of every
teacher leader.
The importance of educational equity is based on the premise that an
individual’s level of education directly correlates to future quality of life.
(Elementary Education, Manichander,T.)
Does promoting equity in the classroom necessarily mean treating all
students equally?
Does equity mean giving some students more encouragement to perform in
How can we give our students equal opportunities to succeed?
Can equity be achieved by structuring classes in ways that promote greater
participation from a wider number of students?
With complexity duly noted, in the plenary session of our 2018 PD, we will
be discussing 5 ways to embrace equity in our classrooms to ensure
Leaders of learning are change leaders!

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