Community Service
  I. The Goals of the Community Service Program

The goals of the community service are to:

  1. Familiarize our students with the problems existing in society
  2. Build students’ self-confidence, and allow them to achieve their potential and increase their sociability

Teach them the collective values ​​of a community such as volunteering, sharing, service...

II. Implementation of the Community Service Program at Saint Joseph School

The Ministry of Education has launched a “Community Service Project” to be implemented in all schools in Lebanon, as of the academic year 2016-2017. This concept is not new to Saint Joseph School. It has been part of the promotion policy since years past.

The project requires 30 hours of community service for each of the first and the second secondary classes. Students have to spend 25% of these hours planning, preparing, and evaluating different activities. The remaining hours are allocated to working on the Christmas and Lent campaigns and participating in one of the school clubs, programs and/or activities.

The Secondary Division Administration along with its Social Service Office provide the students with the opportunities to participate in the below-listed programs and clubs, and offer all the support needed to help manage these activities:

Alwan Club 

Archeology and Anthropology Club

Book & Beyond Club

Company Program - Injaz

Disabled Friends Club

Ecology Club

Elderly Companions Club

Help in studies Club

Leadership Outreach Club

Next to the Refugees Club

Road Safety Club

United Sport Team Club

 For more information, kindly refer to the descriptions below or please do not hesitate to contact the Social Service Office on Wednesdays, which is coordinating all the programs and clubs.

Program /

Club Title/Class

Nb. of


Description of Activities



Estimated Timing

Alwan Club

1S & 2S


Students are involved in mutual visits and joint trips between 2 schools in order to discover the national heritage; students will also be involved in awareness activities, planning and implementation of community service projects

NB: The duration of the project is 2 years

Equip students with training on the concepts of religious diversity and partnership, openness to others, co-working in serving society and active citizenship

Mrs. Roula Khoury

Mrs. Rose Sawaya

Saturdays and/or Fridays afternoon

Archeology and Anthropology Club



The members of this club will discover the history of Lebanon through its archaeological heritage and its oral rural history and culture; they will meet with field archaeologists, anthropologists and people, visit villages, discover sites and museums etc., take notes and photos

Equip students with appreciation for our forgotten material and immaterial heritage and raise awareness about the specificities of the visited sites either by creating a video clip or a brochure at the end of the activity

Mrs. Rita Kalindjian &

Mrs. Maria Araktingi


Book and Beyond Club

1S & 2S


Students share their favorite books through storytelling to our young ones at school and in other institutions; students read aloud stories or news to the blind or the elderly; they promote new books to their friends through book talks, and maintain the school library collection

Create a culture of reading at School and in our community. Through reading diverse books, our students will gain deeper understanding of the world around them and of themselves

Mrs. Carla Mitri

Weekdays afternoon and Saturdays

Company Program - Injaz



Students will participate in an entrepreneurship program to create a product that has an added value to the community

Inspire and equip students with the skills and mindset that they need to become entrepreneurs and business leaders in their local communities

Mrs. Cynthia Madi



Disabled Friends Club



Monthly visits to Psychiatric hospitals (Deir El Salib-Jal El Dib) to share love and care with the suffering and forgotten.


 The purpose was to develop a Youth

 Community dedicated to serve human

 dignity and to foster cultural diversity in Lebanon by:

Restoring the dignity to the mentally challenged people through one-on-one care, love and lasting relationship

Mrs. Cynthia Madi & Mr. Raphael Zakkar


Ecology Club



Students are involved in ecological activities such as visiting a local nature reserve, waste sorting and composting, and planting.

Equip students with environmentally sustainable practices and awareness of implications on the planet; equip students with valuable skills such as public speaking, organization, management, and leadership

Miss. Fida Abi Karam & Mrs. Mona B.Khazaal

Weekdays afternoon

Elderly Companions Club



We provide the elderly with special care and attention to draw their smiles through:

- Regular Lunches at the Centers of the Order of Malta in Ain el Remmaneh, Chabrouh, etc.

- Guardianship Program with families from the region of Ain el Remmaneh

The purpose was to develop a Youth Community dedicated to serve human dignity and to foster cultural diversity in Lebanon. We do so by:

Enhancing the well-being of abandoned senior citizens around the socio-medical centers of the Order of Malta in Lebanon.

Mrs. Maria Araktingi & Mr. Raphael Zakkar


Help in Studies Club


Students will be visiting the children of 2 associations in SOS-Bhersaf and AOA (All One Association)-Sed el Bauchrieh so as to provide them with assistance in doing their homework

Give students the opportunity to help and offer relief, and live in communion and experience joy

Mrs. Ghada Jalkh & Mrs. Roula Rizk


Fridays afternoon

Leadership Outreach Club (Inspired by the Simulation Programs

Organized by LAU & the Human Rights Trivia Competition Organized by NDU)

1S & 2S


Leadership conferences/workshops using experiential learning and self-reflection techniques

Outreach and civic engagement activities that build up volunteering capacity and project management skills (e.g. campaigns supporting the Red Cross or physically challenged people,etc.)

Increase cognition about global issues

Build research and interpretation skills

Exercise diplomacy and peaceful communication

Practice public speaking, role playing, conflict resolution and negotiation

Miss. Petra Bou-Hadir & Mr. Wanis Khoury

To be affirmed

Next to the Refugee’s Club



Students will be involved in awareness sessions for kids and parents on how to maintain the cleanliness of the body for a better life for refugees in a public school

Educate students on the importance of dental hygiene, hands and body cares; educate parents on the importance of the child’s growth in a safe environment; secure methods of hygiene and follow-up the child through stages of growth

Mrs. Rita Nahed

Fridays afternoon

Road Safety Club



Students explore the key theme of the Road Safety project and create an awareness campaign, participate in an international contest that will be held in many countries across the world, and share ideas and initiatives with other schools, communities and countries

Enable youth to take action and raise awareness on the importance of Road Safety for a better environment in a creative way

Mrs. Christelle Eid


United Sport Team Club



It involves a combination of a team competition and a description of the school’s culture. 4 schools from different religious background will compete to strengthen friendship among each other. Students will be able to work collaboratively to establish a safe and challenging sports environment

Compete and challenge self and others, collaborate and live together in the physical activity settings, create new strategies and rules for a play, and be responsible for personal and social behavior that respects others in the sports life

Mrs. Imenda Aoude & Mr. Pierre Gemayel


















































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