Community Service
  I. The Goals of Community Service

The goals of the community service are:

  1. To sensitize our students to the problems existing in the society.

  2. To build their self-confidence, and allow them to achieve their potential and increase their sociability.

  3. To teach them the real meaning of the community’s collective values ​​ such as volunteering, sharing, service...

Students in Grades11 and 12 will have to choose one or two of the centers suggested in the list below.
The social worker offers one-on-one meetings to help and guide each student.

At the end of the course, a group evaluation will be made with the social worker. The aim of the evaluation is to highlight the ideas and impressions of students after the experience.

For a successful conduct of this project that aims at educating the students on community service, it is desirable yet necessary that each participant shares their own experience. Therefore, the school encourages them to do so either by writing articles to be published in the school magazine "Vision", or by posters, or even by giving direct testimony in the daily morning assembly.

II. Community Service Project List of Institutions 016-017

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  +961 (4) 925005              

  Saint Joseph School  Cornet Chahwan, Metn, Lebanon