Parents’ Association (Law 11/81 and Decree #4564)

The Parents’ Association is an official representative body of parents and guardians of students before the School Administration, the Parents’ Union, of which the Association may be a part, and the Ministry of National Education.

The Parents’ Association strives to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between the school and the families.

The number of members in the Parents’ Association is relative to the number of class levels. The number of representatives is no less than 5 and no more than 17; it must always be an odd number.

The School Administration informs the Parents’ Association about the academic and educational progress of the school and both cooperatively contemplate beneficial mechanisms to further the educational process.

The Parents’ Association reviews the yearly school budget with the School Administration and approves any necessary increases in school tuitions.

The Parents’ Association initiates and organizes fund raising, cultural and social activities such as:

  • Participating in choosing the school’s official uniform.
  • Scheduling educational conferences.
  • Helping to plan the Orientation Day for the students of the Secondary Division.
  • Helping to plan and coordinate the school’s festivals.
  • Participating in the development of the school’s general library.
  • Helping to develop the school’s Financial Aid Program (FAP).
  • Handling external contacts to ensure donations to help the (FAP).
  • Helping to develop the various school clubs.

  Mr. Youssef Mahboub Al Mallah

  Mrs. Jeanine Hakim Abi Akar
  Mrs. Antoinette Bechaalany Amine

  Mr. Roland Ferdinand Khoury

Financial Com:    
  Mr. Fadi Elya Allam
  Mr. Antoine Joseph Zoghbi

  Mrs. Jinane Eid Abou Moussa
  Mrs. Maguy Ramez Raffoul Nakhoul

  Mr. Ziad Anis Wazen
  Mr. Nadim Adib Khoury

   Mr. Antoine Gergi Sakr
   Mr. Henri Fouad Bou Saab

   Dr. Varant Zareh Sirobian


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