MS - LAU Experience - Pinewood Derby Car

Tue, 15 May 2018
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For days and weeks, we worked on our pinewood derby car until the day finally came for us to take part in the LAU competition. On our bus ride to the LAU - Byblos Campus, on April 12, 2018, my teammates and I discussed what would happen and how we would spend the rest of the day. When we arrived at the campus, we were assigned a tent to put our stuff in; it was the tent F19. We walked around and discovered the campus until our competition started. Our car was inspected, then we started the race. Our first race didn’t end up very well as the left front wheel had too much friction. So, during the time between races, we fixed our car for our second race, though we couldn’t take perfect measurements due to the lack of tools and time. We were able to pull through our second race but couldn’t continue further because we were against the team that won the race. For the rest of the day, we visited the tents of other students and discussed what we could have done better and how we learned from our experience. In a nutshell, we had fun but could have improved some aspects of the design if we had double checked our measurements. Anyway, we learned a good lesson for the future and we hope to be doing the derby race again in the secondary. We were also very proud that our peers won in various projects and our school won the Best School of the Year Award at the competition.


By Georges Khairallah - Grade 8B



Students Names



Michelle Khoury


First Prize – Group Dance with Secondary School Contestants

Elie Bardawil


Second Prize - Poster Design

Thalia Aintablian


Second Prize – Web Development

Joe Bakhos, Christopher Habib and Jason Sayegh


Third Prize – Web Development

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