AUB Math Olympiad 1st Place Winner

Fri, 20 May 2022
Posted in Secondary School

Whether it is solving complex puzzles or employing analytical skills, my journey alongside mathematics has never failed to give me great pleasure. When I was a kid, providing different answers to questions posed by teachers and adopting different approaches in solving problems were always my thing. My winning the 1st place at the AUB Math Olympiad has proven that I was never in the wrong but that I was thinking differently. This Olympiad competition unleashed my creativity and pushed it to new levels I had never thought my mind could handle. It has boosted my self- confidence and allowed me to discover that while it is quite motivating to have a beautiful mind, being surrounded by people with hearts of gold is even better; my teachers, family, and friends have all contributed to my success and to them I am eternally thankful.

By Elias Saad Ghanem – 2SC

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