I. Buses

The School’s rules and regulations are also applied to students who use the school buses. It is the students’ responsibility to maintain a calm, safe and respectful atmosphere. It is the responsibility and at the discretion of the parents to accompany the students to the bus and receive them from there.

Students using the school buses are expected to:

 Abide by the safety rules and instructions given by the bus supervisor and/or the driver

  •  remain seated at all times and face the front of the bus
  • keep heads and limbs inside the bus
  • be polite to the driver and supervisor
  • wait for the bus to stop completely before getting up from the seat, then walk to the door and exit
  • be courteous to other students
  • keep the bus clean and protect the environment


In the event of any fighting, using inappropriate language, bullying, shouting and misbehaving of any kind, a student may be subjected to an out-of-bus suspension, which in some cases may be followed by an out-of-school suspension.


Temporary change of usual routing

If, for any reason, there is a change in a student’s usual daily route, the student’s parent must submit a written request to be approved by the director of transportation, in view of the availability of seats.


Private transportation

The school is not responsible for students commuting to and from school by means of private transportation.

Taxis and mini-vans are not allowed to enter the school campus.

II. Transportation Fees 2021-2022 (June 6 - End of Academic Year 2022)


 Pricing/month in LBP

Cornet Chahwan, Ain Aar (village center) 500,000
Ain Alak,Koneitre, Biyada, Montana, Beit El Kekko, Hbous 550,000
Bhersaf, Bickfaya, Beit Chabab, Aatchane, Beit Misk, Dahr Souwan, Freike, Chaouye, Cornet El Hamra, Mazraet Yachouh, Harik, Dick El Mehdi, Tamiche, Beit El Chaar, Belle Vue, Zakrit, Elissar, Mtayleb, Rabwe, Rabieh, Antelias, Naccache 600,000

Jal El Dib, Bkeneya, Zalka, Amaret Chalhoub, Bsalim

Hemlaya, ElMayse, Ain ELkhrroube, EL Safayle

Dbaye, Awkar, Naccache ELArab, Tallet Srour, Zouk
El Kharab, Al Hadire, Haret EL Bellene, Cornet Chewan ELDaher

El Chimar, Mar Moussa, Douwar, Airoun, Dhour El Chweir, Zeghrine, Ain EL Teffeha

Bteghrine, Khonshara, Zarour, Baabdat, Qanabet Broumana, Jouret Ballout, Byakout, Jdeideh, Bauchrieh, Dora, Sin El fil, Dekwaneh, Rawda, Sabtieh, Fanar 700,000



  III. Busing service formalities and details for the Academic year 2021-2022:

· Covid19 safety measures are implemented on the buses; masks, sanitizing and sterilizing. 

· In case your child is registered in the bus system and wish to maintain this registration, there is no need to call the administration.

· In case your child is registered in the bus system and wish to cancel this registration, kindly call the transportation department for withdrawal prior to the school start date.

· In case your child is not registered in the bus, and you are interested in registering him in the bus system, kindly call the transportation department for registration, before the school starts.

· The bus fees must be paid monthly. The monthly prices will be issued prior to the beginning of each month.

· The bus registration will be renewed automatically each month.

· The request for bus modification is possible, provided that the selected bus has a seating vacancy.