Dear Parents,


“When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade,
plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.”

-  Chinese Proverb


We are currently facing growing environmental challenges that are imminently threatening our future and the future of the next generations. Saint Joseph School's environmental and ecological education stems from our commitment to molding our students into tomorrow's conscientious citizens and leaders. We have constantly endeavored to instill awareness in our students on the various environmental and ecological issues facing our world today and we have continuously pushed them to take an active part in the solution.

For the past 6 years, all classes and most offices have been equipped with two recycling bins: one for plastic and one for paper and cardboard. Also this year, there is a Planting Club and and Ecology Club for high school students. In the former, members go on planting trips and in the latter, members put on plays with environmental themes and organize drop-off days to collect plastic and paper. 


Elementary Environment Club

  • Students meet twice a week in the library to patriciate in several activities.
  • At the beginning of each session the teacher librarian introduces a video presentation of a particular topic to spark students’ interest and raise awareness.
  • Students are then encouraged to express their opinion and suggest practical solutions to help their school and community become a cleaner place.
  • They help their peers to keep their classrooms and playgrounds clean by making sure that each one is placing paper and plastic in the correct bin.
  • A Competition is held every month and a half to encourage the students keep their classrooms tidy and clean.
  • Moreover, our club members participate in the school “Vintage”, a school end-of-year event, where they share their work done throughout the year through PowerPoint presentations or through handmade crafts made from recyclable materials.

We encourage you to support this initiative by helping your children apply waste segregation at home. We look forward to cooperating with you always for the education of our children.

Thank you.