“Libraries represent the diversity and immensity of human thought, our collective knowledge laid out in rows of revealing inspiration.”

                                                                                                                                          – Manuel Lima (Portuguese-American designer, author, and lecturer)


Welcome to the SJS Libraries!

The SJS library center continuously strives towards building life-long readers and learners in an environment which fosters social responsibility and values individuality and creativity.

Each of our libraries offers high quality resources ranging from print books, e-books, magazines, and online databases in order to foster the love of reading and spark their intellectual curiosity for researching and exploring the world around them while celebrating cultural diversity.


Click here below to view our books, e-books, and online databases:


SJS Library Support  KG till Gr6                                        SJS Library Support Gr. 7 till 12



SJS Library Book Catalog (Print and e-Books) 

The SJS Libraries use Destiny as software to manage all resources in one place.

Our catalogue contains details of every item owned by the library whether it is in print, ebooks, or online resources.

You can access our library from home and even place a reservation.

To log in the e-books and online databases, kindly contact the secondary librarians.



Online Databases Trials

Financial Times Gr. 10 till 12

(Use your school's email address to create an account)



Topical Talk from Economist Gr. 10 till 12 (For Teachers) 


Sora App Overdrive (e-books for Grades 4-12)




SJS Francofête 4 Developpement Durable



Secondary Library

Welcome to our fully enhanced library website!

Exclusively catered to meet the needs of our 21st century learners and to better serve each of our students and staff beyond school library walls, the SJS Secondary Library website offers highly authoritative and reliable information ranging from recommended reads to latest technology tools and top-notch news pertaining to information research skills.

We advise you take at tour with us and view page by page what features await you.

You are most welcome as well to check our latest activities in the Event page and share your feedback with us.

We hope that every page viewed opens new doors to great opportunities for learning and growing.