Saint Joseph Theater

The inauguration of “Saint Joseph Theater’ was held in June 1999.

The theater is very well equipped with high standing computerized sound and light system and contains 648 seat, with another 50 movable chairs which can be added depending on the event.

Our aim is to promote a variation of educational, cultural, artistic and musical events for the students and to the whole region. The students of the school and different Lebanese and foreign artists have performed many gatherings, conferences, plays and arts in this theater: Ballet dancing from Swiss and France, guitar, piano and opera concerts, Armenian folk, and plays.

Every year, the students from all the divisions of the school perform many activities to express themselves and to show their talents.

They are expected to observe the following:

  • Teachers should accompany each student group.
  • Students and adults must respect the place.
  • Food and drinks are forbidden at the theater.
  • A letter should be signed by the customer in case of renting the theater.   

These are briefly the expectations that we ask for.

With these educational activities, the theater will spread good and clean culture for everyone and gathers teachers, parents, students, administration and friends.


Equipments available in the Theater

     Sound System:

  • 9 microphones wire
  • 2 wireless handheld
  • 2 wireless Lavalier
  • 11 stand for the micros
  • Digital Mixer Allen & Heath GID80
  • 7 amplifiers
  • 2 CD players
  • 2 Decks
  • Equalizer
  • Effect machine
  • Compressor
  • Noise gate
  • Smoke machine
  • 4 monitors
  • 8 speakers
  • 4 bass speaker

     Light System:

  • 8 Beam
  • 8 Moving Head
  • 16 Cob
  • 8 RGBW
  • 4Par Led White
  • 2 Blinder
  • 2 Projectors + 2 screens
  • DVD + Video
  • Follow Spot


In the theater we have a piano (Yamaha ¾) and drums, in addition to tables and chairs available for all events taking place.


Theater Manager

Tenor Edgard Aoun


  Jacob and Sons

  Lion King

  My Fair Lady

  The Sound of Music 2010
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