Role and objectives

The SJS Teachers are represented by a committee of 13 members. The objective of this committee is to develop a spirit of collegiality among teachers, staff members and other associations at SJS, as well as cooperate with the Teachers’ Association of Catholic Schools in order to support the freedom of teaching and enhance the conditions of Catholic Schools by:

  • Implementing general educational policies of the Catholic Schools Teachers’ Association
  • Unifying Catholic School teachers and enhancing their work conditions
  • Emphasizing the mission and role of Catholic Schools
  • Promoting awareness of syndicate work
  • Participating in improving school programs according to modern educational methodologies
  • Strengthening the ties and relations among all members of the educational body and spreading the spirit of brotherhood and love among them
  • Supporting a cultural, educational, social and athletic atmosphere in the school
  • Encouraging creativity at all levels.

Teachers' Committee - Members 2021-2022

  Mr. Jean Chahwan

   Mrs. Rita Khoury         

  Mrs. Imenda Aoudeh

  Mrs. Roula Rizk

Cultural and Educational Affairs Representative
  Mrs. Antoinette Amine

Social and Sports Affairs Representative
 Mr. Rodrique Lattouf

Programming and Planning Representative
  Ms. Rafca Yaacoub

Environmental and Human Rights Affairs Representative
 Mrs. Rita Snan

Members: Mr. Elie Alam - Mr. Henry Chakieh - Mrs. Diana Istanbouly






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