Student Council

I. General Objectives and By-Laws

Students are encouraged to be involved in the school life. Teachers, Administrators, Parents and Alumni, should join in efforts to help students become active members of society and better citizens.

Saint Joseph School students have a say in what goes on in their life at school. This is made possible through the actions of the class/section delegates and the student council (SC).

The SC is a voluntary, non-profit organization governed by internal laws and regulations.

The SC is involved in students’ academic, artistic, and sports activities. Additionally, the SC serves as a liaison between the students and the Administration, the Teachers, the Alumni and the Parents’ Associations.

II. Name

The name of this organization is the Saint Joseph School, Cornet Chahwan, Student Council (SC).

III. Composition

The SC is composed of fifteen members representing each class section in the Secondary School as follows:

Chairlady, Chairman, Vice-Chairlady, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Committee Officers as deemed adequate for the yearly program approved by the Division Administration.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

The Student Council

  • Serves as a liaison between the student body, the Administration and the Associations of Teachers, Alumni and Parents
  • Sponsors a series of student activities intended to serve the diverse needs of the student body. All activities should meet with the approval of the Student Affairs Office and the Principal of the division in order to ensure their full support
  • Provides input and support for school policies



All students enrolled at Saint Joseph Secondary School are eligible to vote.

Elections for class delegates are held every year during the second week of October and, internal SC elections are held during the fourth week of October.



To be eligible to run for the SC, a student must have spent at least two academic years at Saint Joseph School, and must have a minimum average of 14/20 and a yearly conduct of 100/100.

V. Student Council Members 2021-2022

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more; you are a leader.” [John Quincy Adams]


Saint Joseph School students have a say in what goes on in their life at Secondary School through the actions of the Class/Section Delegates and the Student Council (SC).


SC membership has been a rewarding leadership experience for all previous members.
However, it is a demanding experience that requires discipline, responsibility, and commitment.

The SC members are involved in academic and extracurricular activities of the student body.


Moreover, SC members are expected to:

§ Act as inspirational role models to the student body

§ Serve as a liaison between the student body and the school community

§ Manage their regular academic loads and their student leadership tasks simultaneously

§ Attend weekly meetings (Recess/Afternoon)